My name is Rocio, Eat Like a Local´s founder, food blogger, big eater, former coocking student, researcher and raised with a chef-mom, I´ve traveled more that 27 countries and taken food tours all over, i created this safaris with everything i would like to have when traveling. This is a boutique women only company, come with us and discover our food, people and history with born and bred Mexico City´s women in love with food, culture and the city.






I´m 35 years old former food blogger an cooking student, I created this company 4 years ago after a night out drinking with some homeless guys in Istanbul, where they showed me the best street food and I finally understood Turkey´s soul, (yes I was younger and yes, I never saw the danger).

These safaris are what I would like to have when I travel. Every year I spend 2 months traveling and taking tours to understand what is good, what is bad and what I need to improve. The safaris are primarily focused on street food, because the first time I arrived in Vietnam and saw all the food and couldn´t understand a thing, I realized how you feel in my country, you don´t need me for restaurants, that´s why you have Google, you need me for the street, and here I am for you. I´m literally giving you the same kind of experience I would love to find while traveling: authentic, flexible, meaningful experiences, avoiding tourist traps; we focus on making them personal, without rushing you or making you follow an umbrella (that´s just embarrassing). For me, the most important thing when I travel is to have memories not only in my mind but in my heart, and this is what I offer with Eat Like a Local, amazing food, personal connections with locals and memories you´ll cherish forever.


Sustainable tourism for us is visiting somewhere as a tourist and make a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy, the one that promotes mutual respect and understanding where the locals are dignified with good payments that allow them to benefit from tourism without scamming you or harass you to sell you something. This is how we are sustainable:
1. Reduce inequalities: Through English lessons to provide kids tools to have a better job when they grow up
2. Responsible consumption: We only work with restaurants that pay to their suppliers and promote good work environment, don´t harass their women and treat their employees fairly
3. No Poverty: We pay not only for our vendors products but also for their services, not as a tip, we give them a service fee.
4. Zero Hunger: Our tours provide dinner for homeless people at the historic center
5. Gender Equality and Decent work: We only employ women, and give them flexibility and a great work environment. Our wages are the highest in the Tourism Industry so they can take care of their kids, have a social life and work in their personal projects. All our guides have masters degrees, are well-traveled and cultured



NO hidden costs, NO extra payments, unlimited food, alcohol inclusions, all the bottled water you want, transportation during the tour,  and tips for vendors.  You can leave your wallet at the hotel.


Maximum 6 people, so we can navigate small markets without disrupting the local life, we change the tours in case you have special needs, remove or ad stops, and make it special for you on the go.


You´ll get to understand the food, the cooking process, the value of the items you consume and the hearth of the city, you won´t have only food, you´ll have a deeper understanding of Mexico, through its people, because we work with the community as a team, not asking for discounts and not promising to them that you as tourist will buy from their stalls, they are not focused on taking your money, they want to show you their food, share their stories, listen to yours. Sustainable tourism is an exchange, you take and you give, and both sides are benefited


The food nerd

Astrid is a beach girl stranded in the city. She’s a professional book editor and translator who is now dedicated to healthy cuisine and wellness. As a child growing up in her grandmother’s kitchen she always had a natural talent for cooking. Now she teaches classes on vegan cuisine and her primary goal is to show that healthy balanced cooking can be as tasty as any other. Being an avid reader she knows a lot about history and how food and society have evolved in Mexico City.

The cool hunter

Andrea is a passionate Textile Designer with a master degree in Strategic Design and innovation. She considers herself a product catalyst, and thinks design can generate social change. Lifetime Foodie, loves knitting embroidery, pompoms, kittens, museums and culture and all things big noisy cities have. She possess an encyclopedic knowledge of historic gossip and where in downtown you can find a shop for everything and a delicious bite of anything.

The Mexican Sofia Vergara

Sara is the coolest girl in town, mother of two, ballet dancer, with a masters degree in Sociology from the most important university in Mexico and if this isn´t cool enough she is a beauty and fashion vlogger with more than 100,000 subscribers. She will guide your way to the markets while telling you amazing stories about Mexico City. Her tours are energetic, and passionate, she usually becomes our guests best friend.

The red headed

Fashion marketing graduate from the University of Palermo in Buenos Aires. Lorenza is a tree hugger, mountain climber and food junkie. She is a connoisseur in all sorts of food, from high cuisine from her days living in Paris, all the way to the hidden diamond in the rough in downtown Mexico’s markets. Big or small, spicy or sweet, fancy or simple, this little read headed knows her hood and will guaranty you a great time.

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