Food Safaris



1.Small groups, maximum 6 people.
2. Flexibility, all safaris will be adapted to you and your needs.
3. We promote sustainable, responsible tourism, we promote economic growth and cultural exchange you´ll leave a better Mexico City after tour trip.
4. Eat like a Local´s hosts are super cool Mexican women, from youtube stars, sociologist, art historians, food stylists, and textile designers, all in love with food.
5. Everything is included, Food, drinks and transportation. NO hidden costs, no extra payments (unless you want to order Champaigne)
6. We have social programs to help kids and women from the markets, they learn English, and receive monthly mentorships.



My name is Rocio, I am the founder and mastermind behind Eat Like a Local, I also host half of Eat Like a Local´s tours. I created this company 3 years ago after a horrible tour in Turkey. I´m a food expert, a world traveler with more than 20 countries and 60 cities, Mateo´s mother, a sustainable tourism researcher, an avid reader, and a serial entrepreneur. I quit my job as director in a big corporation to follow my passion for my city and its people, this passion and love made me developed a tourism culture that promotes cultural exchange, economic growth and happiness, because I believe in happiness as a way of living and I want you, and all my vendors and team to be happy while working and touring with me. My company empowers talented women and creates opportunities for kids and single mothers. Come with me and my amazing team of passionate, happy and talented woman and discover a Mexico City you never knew existed.

Eat Like a Local´s team

80 IQ Kids
The warriors

I created a program called 80 IQ (learn more here), were kids from La Merced Market learn English and, receive mentorships. During the weekends they practice their English on the tours, and they´ll host La Merced part showing you around the market where they were born and raised. This is an amazing opportunity for them to see the world through you, you can bring presents for them like candy and pictures from your city. The number of kids can change on each tour, but it goes from 1 to 5.

The food nerd

JAPEXICAN graduate of the University of Gastronomic Sciences masters, world traveler, a neighbor of La Roma and wild mushrooms lover, Nanae knows all the fun details about ingredients, she is a fact freak and does all kinds of crazy stuff, food styling, trekkings for picking up mushrooms and specialized market tours. She is always busy and her dog is a snob with a good heart.

The romantic

Natalia is the sweetest person I´ve ever met, she is an art historian in love with Frida Kahlo and usually collaborates with movies and history books about Mexico. Her tours are filled with cool facts and gossip, she floats around the markets always smiling. Natalia also makes beautiful paper crafts and hosts great history tours on her own. She is a cat lover and has the kindest heart on earth.

The cool

Sara is the coolest girl in town, mother of two, ballet dancer, with a masters degree in Sociology from the most important university in Mexico and if this isn´t cool enough she is a beauty and fashion vlogger with more than 100,000 subscribers. She will guide your way to the markets while telling you amazing stories about Mexico City. Her tours are energetic, and passionate, she usually becomes our guests best friend.


I believe in sustainable Tourism

All walking culinary tours in Mexico City promote the best tourism practices, respect for the community you are visiting. I won't ask the vendors for discounts or commissions, you won't get overcharged, and people will learn to respect you too. You´ll learn from them and they´ll learn from you, my food tours promote cultural exchange.

I transform tourists into travelers

As I am not a tour guide, I host Mexico City´s best food tours, I don´t herd tourists, I accompany travelers. Learn about my culture, my city and my people, eat like we eat, use the subway, visit local markets, avoid tourist traps and become a better traveler while taking a walking culinary tour .

Committed to promoting economic growth

I run several social programs, from English lessons for kids at the markets, business advisory for single mothers, and travels with kids to open their horizons, if you book with me, part of your money will help to fund this programs. An important part of traveling is to leave the country you visited richer and better. Learn more HERE

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