My name is Rocio, I was born and bred in Mexico City,I grew up in kitchens because my mom is a chef, later studied Mexican Cuisine, had a food blog and now I host tours with my team of talented women. I LOVE food and LOVE traveling this is the sum of my passions. I´ve been in more than 27 countries so far. My life goal is to share Mexico City´s magic with you. When booking a tour with us 100% of your money stays in Mexico with Mexican People.

Eat Like a Local´s approach on sustainable tourism made us the only Mexican food tour company featured in The New York Times. If you like me HATE TOURS. Come with us and discover why Huffingtonpost named us the Number 1 reason to come to Mexico City.

From October 26 to November 1, MEXICAN FOOD 101 and STREET FOOD AT NIGHT AND HIDDEN NEIGHBORHOODS will visit the most important and traditional market for Day of the Death. You´ll learn about the tradition and see the marigolds, candy skulls, colorful paper and more.






OMG But 110 bucks is a lot!

Not that much, if you think about it my tours are only 15 USD more than most of the good ones, that´s 2 cocktails at a bar, and you´ll be having THE best food, giving women amazing salaries and economic freedom and providing English education to 18 kids. Not that bad right?




We only hire women and give them the best wages in the industry along with flexible working times and continuing education programs to keep them updated,  our tours strongly support female-owned business and create opportunities for women from the markets and street stalls    


Our groups are maximum 6 people, so we can navigate small markets without disrupting the local life, we can change the itinerary in case you have special needs or remove stops or maybe go hunting for a special dish you want to try. Everything is possible.


More than food, you´ll get a deeper understanding of Mexico, through its people, we work with the community as a team, everybody will show you their food, share their stories, listen to yours. This is an exchange, you take and you give, and both sides are benefited



I created this company 4 years ago after a night out drinking with some homeless guys in Istanbul, where they showed me the best street food and I finally understood Turkey´s soul, (yes I was younger and yes, I never saw the danger). After this eye-opening experience, I came back to Mexico, quit my job and created Eat Like a Local

These safaris are what I would like to have when I travel. I focused the tours on street food, because the first time I arrived in Vietnam, saw all the food and couldn´t understand a thing, I realized how you feel in my country. You don´t need me for restaurants, you need me for the street, and here I am for you.

If you, like me, love authentic, flexible, meaningful, personal, experiences, without rushing or making you follow an umbrella (that´s just embarrassing). This is the right company for you. For me, the most important thing when I travel is to have connections and memories not only in my mind but in my heart, and this is what I offer with Eat Like a Local, amazing food, personal connections with locals and memories you´ll cherish forever. Learn more about my company HERE



Eat Like a Local is a boutique women-only company, our food hunters were born and raised in Mexico City, they travel, have masters degrees and amazing personal proyects that enrich our safaris, but most importantly they LOVE FOOD. Join us and discover our food, culture, people, and history with born and bred Mexico City´s foodies.

The food nerd

Professional book editor now dedicated to healthy cuisine and wellness.

The cool hunter

Textile Designer with a master's degree in Strategic Design and innovation.

The red headed

Fashion marketing graduate from the University of Palermo in Buenos Aires.

Wendy, Arely and Montse
The 80 IQ Girls

Our special guides at La Merced Market

What our guests say

  • A culinary experience that you cant take you in the heart of the Mexican culture cuisine. the tour is highly informative, you learn about food, building and the story behind dishes.
    Farida K
  • I really really love food. It is through food that I get to know a city, and this tour is just amazing. Rocio is a well known food blogger and you can see this is her true passion. I ate more than I could've imagined and I got to know places that not even locals know. This is the best way to get to know this amazing city. And I also made new friends!
    Fede C
  • Rocio, is truly an expert. She knows where, what, whom, when, and why to eat like a local. She will take you only to the best, new, cut of the edge venues that are making Mexico's City, one of the most important gourmand experience places in the world.
    José S
  • An amazing food trip to discover what the trendiest neighborhoods in Mexico have to offer. Rocio organized the group and we walked around la Juárez in an amazing walking trip for our mouths that kept surprising us at every stop while making new friends who were also enjoying the delicacies offered by these local restaurants. Would do it again.
    Carlos M
    San Francisco


Sustainable tourism for us is visiting somewhere and make a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy, the one that promotes mutual respect and understanding between locals and visitors, where the locals are dignified and empowered.

There´s a lot of confusion around sustainability, people seem to understand it as paying fair prices and tipping the vendors, but that is just basic human decency, I can´t imagine any of you going on a restaurant and asking for a discount and then leaving without tipping right? So, why we are applauding a behavior that SHOULD be the norm.

Sustainability entitles 17 different goals set by the  United Nations General Assembly, Eat Like a Local focuses on the following:



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